Digital X-Rays

Your dental cleaning and prevention plan at Copperstone Dental includes regularly having x-rays taken of your teeth. Our office is equipped with the latest x-ray technology, digital radiography, which uses an electronic sensor to capture more accurate, digital images of your teeth.
The digital x-ray process is much faster and more comfortable for our patients than traditional x-rays, and the radiation emitted from the digital x-ray machine is less than what is emitted from a microwave oven, a common household appliance. And, because the digital x-ray images can be instantly viewed, our dental team will be able to detect and diagnose any potential problems much faster than ever before. Along with the low radiation and instant viewing, this machine allows your dentist, Dr. Matthew Tuft, the opportunity to closely zoom in on the picture to evaluate small characteristics that would not typically be seen with the naked eye. Digital x-rays in Meridian, Idaho, also have the ability to compare new x-rays to old x-rays and identify any changes that have been made. This is called subtraction radiography. When the machine is commanded to compare the two images, it will subtract any section of the images that are the exact same. This will then leave the changes apparent on the screen, big or small. This allows us to completely evaluate your overall health and take the necessary steps to proceed.

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