Oral Surgery

Oral surgery in Meridian, Idaho, could become necessary if your teeth and/or gums have become significantly damaged or attacked from decay. Before deciding on oral surgery or extraction, it is important to consult with Dr. Matthew Tuft. If possible, another treatment option will be pursued to help you maintain optimal oral health. However, oral surgery can be used to remove the wisdom teeth, eliminate advanced tooth decay, repair problems with the jaw, and prepare a mouth for dentures, if necessary.
Sometimes, this process is necessary in order to have a top-notch oral health. One of our common operations is tooth extraction, whether it is a wisdom tooth, permanent tooth, or baby tooth. The extraction begins with your dentist numbing the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. If it is needed, he will also give you a type of sedation to keep you calm and relaxed throughout the process. Next, the dentist will cut away any gums or bone that keep the tooth intact. Once the tooth is free, he will gently rock the tooth back and forth, loosening it from the bone and ligaments that keep it in place.

To learn more about oral surgery or tooth extraction, call Copperstone Dental today. We will help you learn how to best maintain your oral health.